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Prostate Biopsies

IHC table: TUO Mucinous Carcinomas
IHC table: Carcinomas of Unknown Origin
IHC table: Renal Carcinomas
IHC table: Germ Cell Tumors
Fields to view based on lens diameter
Molecular and IHC Tests
Download sorted Breat Prognostic Stage Groups table

Prostate Carcinoma Worksheet

Specimen Data
Case Number


Clinical PSA value

Tumor Data
Carcinoma Type:

Dominant Nodule:

Secondary Nodule:

ISUP Grade Group

ISUP Grade Group: -

Extent of Tumor
Extent of Tumor Within Prostate

Involvement of Bladder Neck
Seminal Vesicle Involvement

Perineural Invasion

Angiolymphatic Invasion

Invasion of Other Organs
Centrality of Tumor (Optional)

Extraprostatic Extension and Margins:

Lymph Node Status

lymph nodes.
of nodes.

Metastasis Status
Tissue submitted and NEGATIVE for metastatic disease
Tissue submitted and POSITIVE for metastatic disease

Treatment Effect


Other Findings


Free-text Comments
Final Report